Tuesday, 11 November 2014

October 5th 2014: Stanhope Youth Group visit Killhope

Finally, the day arrived when young people from Stanhope and the surrounding Weardale area visited Killhope in the company of visual artists Mair Hughes and Bridget Kennedy.

It was Sunday 5th October, not a great day weather wise, but 12 plucky members of St Thomas Church Youth Group made the journey up to Killhope to see what creative delights awaited them.....

First Mair and Bridget showed them round parts of the museum, pointing out the use of tools and machines in the daily lives of the men who worked at the lead mine over 150 years ago.

In the Blacksmiths shop they explored a more creative use of the old tongs on display!

Looking at Killhope Wheel and thinking about how water powered the machines in the Jigger House.

Then getting the feel for both over shot and undershot wheel power around the site...

The Buddle House became a temporary movie theatre to help show how contemporary artists use machines in their creative work.

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