Saturday, 20 June 2015

Party Time in the Yurt Village!

Time to celebrate and reflect on the Connecting Killhope workshops undertaken so far.................
During a classic Killhope summer's day (drizzle and midges) 18 intrepid visitors made it up to the yurt village to see what has been created during the project.

Participants from both the Sinderhope "Life in the Landscape" and the Stanhope "Being Underground" workshops came along, plus a handful of curious museum visitors. We were very happy to see everyone and to share the fruits of the workshops.

There was quite a lot of stuff packed into Lapwing yurt. Still Life drawings from Sinderhope, alongside portraits from Stanhope

A slide show of all the project activities to date.

In fact it was pretty jam packed with art but there was always room for people to sit chat and munch on their lunch....

Or do a bit of networking.....

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